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Lyn Matthew Studio Figurative Gallery


Figurative Gallery

While creating a gallery of dancers in movement and poses, I began to work with the idea that there are layers of dance. “Layers” is a concept that has now expanded to the exploration of reality and non reality. Layers of the seen and unseen. Layers of space between movement, layers of land, layers of imagination, layers of the universe, layers of the space between worlds. This exploration is just beginning where it will lead in the terms of images within a painting, I do not yet know. Let the exploration begin.


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Dreamtime Save The Aspens At the Edge of Two Worlds Aspen Goddess Honky Tonk on Prickly Pear Masquerade Snow Maiden Dream Dance 1 Celebration
Rain Dance Dance Practice Sisters Dance Dancing Diva Sarrion Dance Invitation to Dance Picnic Ready to Dance - The Arrival Street Dance

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