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Lyn Matthew in her studio

Early SnowI am a storyteller. Each brushstroke is a word in the creation of the story.

As I paint, layer upon layer, the story deepens. I love the mystery of the story evolving on canvas!

The images begin from life: real people and real places. Through the story, the images change and evolve. Sometimes the shadows are not correct or left out, other times perspective not right. As a story teller, the composition and how the eye travels around the canvas, is more important than the creating a perfect rendering of the scene.

In the 1980's, I began to be conscious of stories developing with each painting. Over the years, I began to write verse or stories as the paintings matured on canvas. Many of my shows display stories with the paintings and sometimes stories are read during a gathering or salon in conjunction with a show.

My art classes, “Paint your Story™" are currently offered in the Greater Phoenix area or by private group upon request. They will soon expand to Flagstaff and Tucson. Click on the heading “Workshop and Classes” on this website for information on current worshops and classes.


My hope is that the viewer of my work will discover a new visual perspective of the landscape of life and will someday write their own stories.

As I develop new paintings, themed “layers", I will also discover new perspectives about the landscapes within my life and the layers between thought, word, other worlds, and the universe.


Lyn received her Masters degree in Art Education from Arizona State University.
She shows her work on a regular basis and
currently is scheduling readings of selected art images and paintings.

Contact Lyn to schedule a program for your group: or call/text: 928.699.7070

More information about Lyn HERE.

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